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1.Always Make A Backup Before You Mod. 2.Download OPENIV. 3.Download ELS Optional-Go To lcpdfr Website For Download of ELS. Go To Installation Files-GTA V Place ELS-ELS.ini-ELS.asi-AdvancedHookV.dll to you Main GTA V Directory. 4.Create A mods And Scripts Folder In Your main Directory.

1) Place "LA_ROADS" Folder into "mods/x64/dlcpacks" place in the dlcpacks folder. 2) Using OpenIV locate dlclist.xml in "mods/update/update.rpf/common/data" use your word editor of choice to edit the file 3) Copy dlcpacks:LA_ROADS and place it at the bottom of the list. 4) save and replace in OpenIV 5) Load Up The Game And ENJOY! Changelog.

my GTA V mods. Check the full list here script mod Watch Dogs hacks Meteors NIB Style HULK Angry Planes Remake IronmanV Jetpack mod Shark-O-Matic gun mod Just Cause 3 script mod Lamar Gunner Other mods/Tools: NIBMods Menu Simple Ragdoll.



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Standalone mods are more expensive than Bundle Package. By clicking this you can choose any pre made car mod package that you like containing from 3 to 5 car mods per pack.Bundle package are cheaper than standalone mod.

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